Digital House Hunting: A Real Estate Trends in 2024-25

Digital Marketing Tips for Realtors A Real Estate Trends


We are witnessing an era where the vast majority of our purchases happen with just a few clicks. Recent data shows that 63% of Americans prefer shopping online over traditional in-person transactions. This trend isn’t limited to retail; it’s also reshaping the way real estate businesses are functioning.

The method of relying on foot traffic and billboard ads to sell properties has evidently taken a backseat. With the power of digital marketing, real estate agents now have the ability to spark interest in potential buyers and guide them towards their dream homes with just a tap on their phones. This blog aims to equip realtors with insights on how to use digital marketing to find new business opportunities.

How Can Realtors Benefit from the Trend of Digital House Hunting

The psyche behind the trend of digital house hunting is simple. As per the number mentioned earlier, it is of no surprise that Americans have shifted their consumer behavior towards online purchasing. How was this consumer psychology shaped? This shift can be attributed to the easy access to entertainment and news sources provided by the internet. 

The overall consumer trust in online platforms has soared with each new technological innovation. Whether it’s social media evolving into apps or the rise of food and courier delivery services, people have grown accustomed to searching for their needs online. This trust in digital platforms presents a valuable opportunity for realtors to leverage the trend of digital house hunting.

Digital Marketing Tips for Realtors

Our team always stays up to date with the latest information. We’ve done thorough research on the digital marketing tactics used by leading figures in the real estate industry. Using this data, we’ve put together a systematic guide complying with current marketing trends. 

1. Engagement Equates Sales

You know how it is – when people aren’t busy with work, they’re either engrossed in entertaining content or keeping up with the news using either smartphone or PC. 

You need to grab people’s attention when they’re not busy to strengthen the recall and retention factors of your campaigns. Check out the demographics given below to see when they’re most likely to be available. Then, adjust your content accordingly to get them thinking about buying or selling their property in that very moment.

Do note – the impact of a few contents might be a slow burner, so repetitive visibility should do the trick. Your content will be sorted into two primary channels: search engines and social media apps. Understanding how this segmentation works can help you effectively reach your target audience.

2. Expand Your Social Media Outreach

Whether people are waiting in a queue to get their latte or enjoying their tea break at work, they habitually surf on Instagram. According to statistics, the average person spends 143 minutes per day. You can capitalize on this opportunity to benefit from the social media environment.

Leverage platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook to curate captivating short form content that resonates. It is a majorly used technique in establishing strong brand recall these days. Using dynamic formats like reels and YouTube shorts to showcase property features effectively, you can capture the interest of potential buyers.

If you possess the skill to articulate complex concepts, provide valuable insights on prevailing market trends. Prompt your audience to act towards lucrative property transactions.

On LinkedIn, post informative articles explaining the legal nuances and environmental considerations relevant to real estate. Implement a content strategy that caters to different concerns of your targeted audience.

3. Increase your visibility on search engines

Now that you have decided on expanding your digital presence, why should we leave out the importance of organic traffic?

Organic traffic is technically the flow of search engines users driven by the relevance and quality of your content, as well as your website’s visibility in the SERPs.

To ensure your realtor website gets noticed by users actively searching for property realtors, prioritize the following SEO strategies.

  • Create and Optimize Your Website: Create a website if you haven’t yet and make sure it is mobile-friendly. Aim for easy navigation with a smart website layout that encourages visitors to explore your property offerings.
  • Optimize for Local SEO: Claiming your Google Business Profile is an important aspect of Local SEO. With this you can provide essential business details and gain credibility directly on the search result pages and Google Maps.
  • Engage with Online Communities: Interact with your audience and show active communication on real estate review sites. Responding to reviews and sharing valuable content positions you as a knowledgeable resource in real estate.

For the most effective marketing results and significant business impact in real estate, it’s essential to collaborate with an expert proficient in Real Estate SEO services.

4. Engage People Through PPC Ads

Realtors can run PPC ads by targeting varied demographics like age, income, location, interests, and specific online behavior. Using this bifurcation, you can create ads that connect with specific audiences thereby maximizing your impact.

These ads stand out at the top of search results, influencing your target audience’s perception of your brand. This establishes a cognitive retention factor, ensuring your brand stays top-of-mind for potential clients.

5. Immersive Advertisement Channels

The foundation of modern sales strategies rests upon convenience and creativity. With the emergence of AR VR solutions, property presentations have evolved dramatically, particularly in response to the recent scene like covid pandemic. Realtors can now utilize these technologies for remote property viewings, offering their clients personalized suggestions as per their preferences. Clients can explore properties virtually and may request an onsite visit if interested, leading to higher conversion rates. Therefore, with this solution, you will witness a transformation in your overall sales experience.

Digital Marketing Tips for Real Estate


Brand discovery and establishing momentary connection between you and the prospect is necessary for initiating any sort of sale. With immersive strategies, digital marketing can maximize both outcomes.

By understanding consumer behavior, you can influence prospective customers to contact you for your services regardless of when or where they saw your advertisement. Schedule a consultation with our experts if you would like more information about how digital marketing services for real estate agents can benefit your firm.

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