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Looking for an SEO agency for Ecommerce business? At Savit Interactive, our SEO experts offer Ecommerce SEO services to boost your online business.

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Why Your Ecommerce Business Needs Our
Ecommerce SEO Services

A good Ecommerce website takes much work, time, and money to set up. If you have done this, you probably want to keep getting customers and traffic to your site to sell your products. These results can only happen when you have a steady source of traffic that you can use to get people to your site. The success of an Ecommerce website depends on various factors. There are many ways to do this, but Ecommerce SEO is one of the best ways. With the help of our Ecommerce SEO experts in United States, you can eventually improve your website’s ranking in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It will lead to more visitors to your website.

In other words, Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your online store’s website better and increasing the visibility of website pages on search engines in order to attract more relevant organic traffic to the store and increase sales.

Your Ecommerce website needs to be optimized for keywords relevant to what you do or sell to get high search engine rankings. By hiring Savit Interactive, an Ecommerce SEO agency, our SEO experts will help you get good rankings in search engines and implement Ecommerce SEO strategies. Our experts will help your Ecommerce site eliminate duplicate content, organize content, navigation, and URL structure for better indexing and crawling, add keyword-rich, unique content; get inbound links, and improve conversion rates.

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    Ecommerce Content Optimization
    Building connections is key to making sales happen. To make your offerings more meaningful, you need valuable content that resonates with people. At Savit Interactive, we enhance your product descriptions and educate your customers through informative blogs. This inbound method allows you to show up at the top on platforms like Google search, Google Lens, Google Maps, and others.
    Product Structured Data
    Google Search uses Product structured data to show detailed information about products in search results. By adding structured data to your website's product pages, we instruct Google about which products you specifically want to feature. The goal of this is to help Google better understand important details like product prices, discounts, and shipping costs directly from your webpage.
    Quality Reviews
    Google only trusts credible sources while ranking them at the top. That's why people trust Google when shopping online. To benefit from this trust, we offer guest posts on reputable websites and news sources related to your product niche. By showcasing the quality and features of your offers via a detailed review from industry experts, we aim to resonate with your target market.
    URL Structure
    In your online shop, different categories have separate webpages to segregate your wide offerings. We ensure category URLs are concise for search engines to categorize them effectively, influencing better visibility in targeted search results. For products with variations like colors and sizes, we use canonical tags to signal to Google they're essentially the same, ensuring they're ranked accurately.
    Ecommerce Site Navigation
    For a smooth online shopping experience, we focus on easy website navigation. Your Ecommerce site's architecture ensures visitors find what they need effortlessly. Our internal linking in menu sections leads visitors directly to their desired product through quick browsing. Plus, we add breadcrumb navigation that allows easy “to and from” movement within categories, enhancing user convenience.
    Best Users Experience
    Unlike websites that offer services, Ecommerce sites have a wide range of products designed to address specific customer needs. To ensure that category pages load quickly and smoothly, we use techniques like pagination and incremental page loading. This not only reduces strain on the website's memory but also saves time for users, making navigation a breeze.

    Platforms We Have Expertise

    Explore Our Ecommerce SEO Services

    Our Ecommerce SEO experts have optimized over 50 Ecommerce systems to their full potential. We follow best practices for ecommerce sites for search engines. They work alongside programmers experienced in building and optimizing Ecommerce websites.

    Website SEO Audit

    SEO audits give you a roadmap for improving your search results performance by identifying specific actions you can take. However, auditing an ecommerce site can be quite time-consuming due to the sheer volume of elements to review across numerous webpages. Our team of Ecommerce SEO experts handles this task for you, taking care of the following: 

    ∙ Conducting a website crawl to identify technical errors affecting the user experience and indexing of product pages.

    ∙ Assessing core web vitals quality against benchmarks.

    ∙ Tracking domain authority growth in relation to backlink efforts.

    ∙ Addressing duplicate and broken pages, including content violations of search engine terms.

    Competitor Gap Analysis

    Chances are, you’re not the only provider of the products in your specific niche. That means there’s competition for the keywords you want to rank for. Our team of Ecommerce SEO experts do thorough analysis of your competitors’ strategies. We come up with solutions to overcome the efforts your brand has been lacking, due to which you can surpass others in the present limelight.

    Keyword Research

    Knowing what your customers are searching for products related to your niche is important. And our extensive keyword research allows us to create a collection of keywords that help you appear right where you want to be.  

    We identify keywords with favorable odds of ranking well striking a balance between low competition and high search volume. Leveraging our array of tools and expertise, we’ll elevate your presence in search results. We ensure your website resonates with the search queries your target customers are making, distinguishing you from other ecommerce rivals.

    Website Structure

    The entire architecture of your website should be aligned with user experience and search engine comprehension. The success of your product sales hinges on how effectively you engage customers on your product page. The longer you can hold their attention, the more opportunity they must consider making a purchase.

    Understanding the importance of webpage layout, we implement the following aspects in your Ecommerce website:

    ∙ Menu Section & Breadcrumbs: In the header menu, we highlight your offerings with clear links to category pages, discounts, and offers for easy navigation. Breadcrumbs above each page level simplify user navigation through the site hierarchy, minimizing the need to backtrack. 

    ∙ Product Page Layout: We optimize product pages to display all essential details—buying options, product information, and visuals—without requiring excessive scrolling, ensuring a seamless user experience.

    ∙ Footer Section:

    In the footer section of your ecommerce website, we ensure that certain essential elements are consistently present at the bottom of every page. This typically includes:

     Legal information such as copyright notices.

     Contact information including business address, phone numbers, email address, and social media icons.

     Useful resources such as a sitemap, email sign-up form, links to privacy policy, delivery and returns information, and FAQ page.

     Additional information like your logo, login option, and community page.

    ∙ Sticky Button: We’ve seen a notable boost in conversion rates for our ecommerce clients with the use of a sticky button. We’ve now incorporated this strategy into our website structure, ensuring the button stays visible as customers browse product pages, encouraging ongoing consideration of purchase.

    Content Marketing

    Running an ecommerce business involves more than just putting up basic landing pages with a short product description and a buy button. The clarity a customer has about the product significantly impacts sales, and that’s where content marketing comes in handy.

    By leveraging:

    ∙ Guest posts

    ∙ Accepting reviews

    ∙ Informative blogging on the client’s webpage

    ∙ Accurate and concise product descriptions

    ∙ Infographics demonstrating product usage

    ∙ Showcasing brand accolades through newsletters

    We incorporate these elements to boost the sales of your products. By presenting information accurately and integrating relevant keywords wherever possible, we ensure your product pages and category pages achieve the visibility they need. And at the same time our blogs aid in inbound marketing by following a pattern of educating, presenting, and selling.

    Local SEO

    While large platforms like Amazon boast nationwide networks of merchants, your brand likely operates with a limited number of distribution points. To effectively connect with customers near these locations—whether they are warehouses or physical stores—local SEO is crucial, even for ecommerce websites. 

    In our Local SEO efforts for your ecommerce venture, we focus on: 

    ∙ Creating location-specific pages.

    ∙ Integrating location-based keywords to ensure your brand ranks high in targeted local search results.

    ∙ Maintaining and updating your Google Business profile with accurate information such as phone number, address, provided products, and images (which are also submitted to Google’s Merchant Center).

    With our local SEO tactics, we verify your local presence straight on Google Maps. This not only boosts your visibility but also instills confidence in visitors about the authenticity of your ecommerce offerings. It dispels common doubts regarding the origin of products, making your business more trustworthy.

    As an ecommerce website owner, your website is like the face of your business. However, to stand out among your competitors, your website needs to look credible. This credibility is what search engines prioritize when ranking websites.

    Through link building, we enhance the domain authority of your ecommerce website, which is essentially a measure of its credibility to search engines. Our process involves strategically creating backlinks on reputable websites within your niche. 

    Through methods such as guest posts, Q&A interactions, and classified postings, we acquire quality backlinks that draw valuable “link juice” from these respected sources. This added credibility helps your website climb higher in search rankings, strengthening your position within your competitors.

    Performance Tracking

    The search algorithm for ecommerce websites continually evolves. To maintain steady organic traffic and effectively sell your products, it’s crucial to adapt and assert your presence in targeted search results.

    We utilize tools like Google Search Console and SEMrush to gain insights into necessary changes for your SEO strategy. By closely monitoring your website’s progress across targeted keywords, we develop action plans to expand your online reach to your customers.


    During our meetings and in our detailed real-time reports, we offer you a thorough understanding of how we’re integrating keywords into your Ecommerce SEO journey. 

    Our reports cover: 

    ∙ Keyword statistics

    ∙ Completed tasks

    ∙ Content created

    ∙ Upcoming tasks planned

    You’ll also have direct access to the assigned Ecommerce SEO expert for your venture whenever you need to discuss or prioritize anything.

    Best Ecommerce SEO Agency That Delivers

    We provide a wide range of Ecommerce SEO packages tailored to your budget to meet your demands. Whether it’s Google shopping campaigns, social media advertising, product description writing or conversion rate optimization, we have the expertise to handle it all and bring the best results to the table. With the usage of the right SEO strategies, we can help your company get discovered by the right kind of clients and prospects.

    Why Choose Savit Interactive as
    Your Ecommerce SEO Agency

    Our Ecommerce SEO experts know how to use SEO strategies for ecommerce websites to get discovered in search results. With our SEO services, we give you the truth without sugar-coating the results.
    Before starting the SEO for your Ecommerce website, Our SEO experts take the time to learn about your product and services to help you grow your business. It’s time to get your business/brand rank in Google and achieve the targeted Ecommerce goals.

    Schedule a consultation to have a word with our Ecommerce SEO consultant and get an update on your website’s status. Here’s what we’ll do: 

    ∙ Guide you through your strengths and weaknesses.

    ∙ Discuss opportunities for enhancing your search rankings with our support.

    ∙ Highlight potential threats that could affect your revenue if not addressed.

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    Over the course of 18 years, we have helped our clients to get upto 20x ROI.

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      How to do SEO for an Ecommerce website?
      Our SEO professionals will assist you in achieving ranks for hundreds of products on your Ecommerce website as well as generating a large amount of targeted traffic. So prepare for a tremendous increase in sales with us. Ecommerce SEO will boost your sales and give you a high ranking in the market. 
      How to increase the sale & conversion of an Ecommerce SEO website?
      We are a comprehensive SEO service provider, consistently assisting in achieving top rankings for the most popular keywords and phrases. Our services can help your Ecommerce business achieve transformative development — In United States, Ecommerce SEO packages include the following: Analysis of critical websites and duplicate content Using on-page SEO to systematically fix any gaps Keyword selection based on professional research – everything your customers are looking for Product and category pages should have on-page SEO. To ensure efficiency, use technical SEO. To develop credibility, use link development, content marketing, and even social media advertising.
      What should be my budget for Ecommerce SEO services?
      Due to the breadth of the subject, we put a lot of effort into producing a commercial proposal for any Ecommerce SEO project. The size of your portal, short and long term marketing objectives, the amount and quality of keywords we’re targeting, the age of your website, and the competition of the top industry players for those local keywords all go into our effort estimations.  We would request that you contact our team for a quick conversation to receive a fair estimate because effective Ecommerce SEO is a customised effort and not a “one size fits all” solution. 
      How to choose an Ecommerce SEO agency for the business?
      Normally, in United States Ecommerce SEO agencies, SEO professionals will assist you in achieving ranks for hundreds of products on your Ecommerce website as well as generating a large amount of targeted traffic. So prepare for a tremendous increase in sales! Prepare for your own Big Billion Day.  United States is everyone’s favorite location when it comes to SEO. However, make certain that your Ecommerce SEO agency is certified to provide services for CMS like Magento, Shopify, woo commerce WordPress, and PPC, as well as SEO for Ecommerce SEO sites. Designing, development, hosting, and analytics can all be aided by a company that offers a full suite of Ecommerce Solutions. 
      What makes us the Best Ecommerce SEO agency?
      Our Ecommerce SEO services in United States are among the best. We also employ the correct influencers to assist you to spread the word about your business and reach a larger audience of potential consumers, followers, and believers. Our team gives you an overview of different Ecommerce CMS platforms like Magento, Shopify, woo commerce and WordPress etc. Regular reports summarizing the essential parameters of your site, such as rankings, sessions, users, new users, and other activities are provided to keep you up-to-date on your success. As a result, if you own an Ecommerce site and want to expand your digital presence, We are your one-stop-shop solution providers. 
      What is Ecommerce SEO?
      Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your online store’s website better and increasing the visibility of website pages on search engines. Ecommerce SEO helps online stores to attract more relevant organic traffic to the store and increase sales.

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