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Savit Interactive provides local citation building services. Boost your business visibility with our NAP (name, address, and phone number) Citation.
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Local shops like those cute DIY stores with handmade crafts, thrift shops, and even your favourite restaurant chains rely a lot on being easy to find online. You know, when you’re looking for a quick solution nearby and don’t want to waste time and money going far. 

So, being easily found on search engines for local searches is a big deal for these businesses. It’s the strongest weapon in their arsenal to make triumphant success possible in the fast-paced digital business competition, helping them make more money. 

Given the intense competition at the local level, these businesses use different marketing tricks to stay on top and be noticed by the right people in their intended area of service, with NAP citation being one of them. Prominent search engines like Google maintain their own proprietary index of local businesses, and this list depends significantly on the accuracy provided in your NAP citation uploaded in local search engine listings. 

At Savit Interactive, we’re experts in providing helpful Business Citation Services. Whether your business is just starting, or you’ve been around a while without investing in local SEO – we’re here to help you stand out and get ahead of your local competition

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    Complete Citation Audit
    Local citations are essentially mentions of your brand across sources like business directories and online listings within your industry. With our Citation Building Service, we verify your existing citations and eliminate irrelevant ones that don't benefit your website ranking or brand image. This ensures that your brand is represented consistently and effectively across relevant platforms.
    Create a Citation
    With local citations, we get your brand mentioned on online business listings and review sites related to your industry. We target sites that carry weight for your targeted search phrases. These citations help search engines like Google confirm your business's legitimacy and presence in the intended location.
    Claim Unclaimed Citations
    We're dedicated to scouring the web to locate any unclaimed citations for your business. Once found, we evaluate each citation's relevance. If it doesn't align with your brand, we swiftly remove it. However, if it's on a reputable site, we claim it to enhance your website's local relevance.
    Monitor Your Competitors
    We analyze how your competitors have built their local presence on the targeted search phrases. This means monitoring their citation sources, like local directories and niche-related review sites. In case you haven't used them, then we add them to your list. Expanding your citations across more relevant platforms in your area and industry can yield great results in building your local presence.
    Update Existing Citations
    We make sure to regularly update both the citations we create for you and those we find during our initial audit. This ongoing process ensures that search engines always have accurate information about your brand's location and the services it offers. By keeping your citations up to date, we prevent any confusion that could arise and help maintain your online presence effectively.
    NAP Syndication
    While we make sure to accurately mention your brand in local citations, it's not always necessary to include your business details everywhere. Some citation sources might just focus on redirecting traffic on the intended page. However, with NAP syndication we ensure consistency in wherever your NAP details, wherever provided. This consistency is essential for your business's visibility in local searches.

    What is Local Citation Building in SEO?

    A local citation is an online reference to your business’s Name, Address and Phone number (NAP). Similar to having links to your website on guest posting blogs, the listing of your business on relevant local business directories, apps and social media platforms is a deciding factor in this strategy. Google takes these Local Search Citations into account when assessing the online credibility of your business, especially in a local context as it compares your standing against other local competitors. 

    You don’t have to include links back to your website for citations to count. Just having your Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) listed in plain text is enough. Citations can be either structured or unstructured. Structured ones follow an organized format, like a Yelp listing. Unstructured citations, on the other hand, are more casual mentions of your business, like being talked about in the body of a blog article. 

    Google recognizes that not everyone is an expert at building links and marketing, even if they have a fantastic business. Therefore, they consider online mentions of your business (known as citations) as a factor in determining your ranking in local search engine results 

    As a leading local citation building service, we make sure carry out accurate mentioning of your business NAP details across various websites. This method enhances the accuracy of your information, building trust with Google to display your NAP details to users looking for services in your specific niche.

    What distinguishes the approach
    of Savit Interactive?

    We have perfected our craft regarding local business listing packages to be of top-quality. We focus on what directly impacts
    rankings and avoid unnecessarily tinkering with aspects that
    don’t have any effect.
    Data Backed
    We rely on solid data to guide our decisions, drawing insights from thousands of hours of testing and years of successful campaigns.
    Custom Campaigns
    We curate citation campaigns that are thoughtful and unique to each client's specific needs, niche, and city. Clear Reporting: Our reporting is clear, thorough and provides transparent overview for your better understanding.
    Complete Autonomy
    You get to have the rightful ownership of your Google My Business profile and other local listings.
    Identifying Errors
    Our audit reveals the essential fixes needed for you to attain local supremacy.
    Error Implementation
    Our strong and meaningful citations demonstrate to Google that your business is serious and credible.
    Flexible Strategies
    Syncs up perfectly with any organic backlinking strategy

    Why is NAP Syndication Important?

    NAP syndication holds immense importance because neglecting it can result in customer confusion. Inconsistent NAP details may leave customers puzzled or frustrated. Discovering different addresses or phone numbers might cast doubt on the business’s legitimacy, leading customers to contact the wrong number or visit the wrong address. 

    This unrest in customers’ minds can result in negative online mentions, eroding the credibility of your brand. What’s more? Such inconsistency is not entertained by search engines like Google, which prioritizes accurate information. If Google deems your business untrustworthy, a substantial decline in search rankings may follow.  

    And while we are talking about rankings, for businesses that heavily depend on their location, inconsistent information can harm your local search rankings. This, in turn, may result in lower business revenue, as people might lose trust in your website. Instead, they may choose other service providers offering the same services as yours whose NAP syndication has been done with utmost accuracy. 

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      What does local citation service mean?
      Local citation service involves any mention of your business online that includes basic contact details like your business name, website, address, and phone number (NAP). 
      What are the benefits of citation building?
      Citation building makes it simple for people to find and connect with your business. Having more citations boosts your local relevance and can improve your ranking in local search results. Directory listings increase your business’s visibility to those searching for local services or products, such as a plumber or barber, even if they aren’t specifically looking for your company. 
      Why is local citation important?
      Local citations are important for several reasons. Firstly, the substantial amount helps in establishing your business as a trustworthy and authoritative source for search engine algorithms and users alike. Search engines rely on local citations to confirm the accuracy of your business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) information. Hence the accuracy and volume provide heightened ranking potential. 

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