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Savit Interactive: Your Trusted White Label
SEO Provider and Reseller

White label SEO is when one company buys its SEO services from another company and rebrands it as their own. Our White Label SEO Marketing agency frequently integrates SEO into your business model, yet you may focus on other specialized services such as PR, PPC, or Content Marketing. To expand your clientele and revenue streams, our agency offers SEO as an additional service. Your agency accomplishes this by partnering with our white label SEO resellers.

Being a white label SEO agency, Savit Interactive has the flexibility required to comprehend the unique requirements of your clients across different industries. With a deep understanding of the inner workings of various sectors, we have refined our ability to adjust our SEO strategies to align with your specific marketing objectives.

Our White Label SEO Services

White Label Website Audit
As part of our services, we conduct SEO audits to assess the optimization status of your client’s website. We evaluate On-Page and Off-Page elements, including backlink quality, content performance, and technical capabilities. These insights inform us about the necessary measures needed to enhance your client’s online visibility.
Keyword Research
Your client's website will see a boost in organic traffic once we focus on the appropriate keywords. Our white label SEO consultant will do the required keyword research that will be aligned with your client’s niche and brand size. This involves analyzing competition and deciding which keywords' search volume should take priority for optimal SEO results.
On-Page SEO
Funnel the perfect organic traffic to your client's website by optimizing it with our on-page SEO skills. Our team of white label SEO experts use a range of techniques, including optimization of images, content, internal links, title tags, and meta descriptions. By improving how search engines understand your client's targeted web pages, we consistently boost their visibility and conversions, while keeping you in the spotlight.
Technical SEO
Our SEO experts will analyze your website’s technical aspects like web design, content optimization through coding, adding security, and user experience. Aligning with major search engine standards is necessary for climbing up the summit of search rankings. The outcome is an easily indexed and crawlable website with no technical glitch hampering your client’s online visibility.
White label Link Building
We enhance your client’s brand credibility and presence in their niche by securing quality backlinks from reputable sources. Through tactics like guest posting by industry experts, engaging in Q&A forums, and utilizing platforms like Medium and HubSpot for blogging, we ensure your client's website gains valuable links. With a strong backlink profile, your client can improve search engine rankings and stay ahead of competitors.
Content Creation
Creating high-quality content is crucial for your brand's online presence, whether it's on your own website or featured on other respected platforms with backlinks to your site. Content that is accurate and resonates with your audience earns favor from search engines, potentially boosting your rankings for specific keywords. We match your brand's voice and showcase your services in line with online marketing benchmarks.
Local SEO
If you're not an expert SEO, then mastering and executing local SEO for your clients will be tough. Let us handle it for you! We'll boost your clients' local visibility by creating location-based service pages, optimizing Google Business Profiles with accurate updates and Google Maps integration, and spreading brand awareness through local business citations.
Lead Tracking
From attracting potential customers to monitoring their actions, you need the right skills to use tools at every step for successful sales. And if you're managing multiple clients, we've got you covered. Our in-house services will track your clients' conversion progress and improve efficiency and effectiveness.
White Label SEO Reports
To make impactful reports, you need a deep understanding of the services you offer. When you trust us with White Label SEO, we'll handle creating thorough reports for you to show your clients. Our user-friendly reports will help you communicate effectively with your clients, leaving a positive impression.

Platforms We Have Expertise

Why Do Agencies Need a
White Label SEO Services

Agencies often turn to white label SEO resellers for several key reasons. Collaborating with White Label SEO Service providers helps streamline operations and offers scalability at a cost-effective rate.

White label resellers enable agencies to maintain brand consistency by delivering high-quality SEO solutions under their own name. This approach allows agencies to grow faster and meet diverse client needs without the need to manage complex infrastructure.

In essence, leveraging white label SEO providers empowers agencies to stay competitive, agile, and focused on their core activities.

Savit Interactive, A White Label SEO Agency,
How Our SEO process Works:

Your client portfolio will be optimized by our SEO experts for both search engines and potential convertible leads based on the service plan that best delivers both SEO and content marketing solutions. We inculcate the following essential elements in our work process. 

Understanding the needs of your clients 

As a white label SEO reseller, we are passionate about understanding your clients’ specific needs. We take the time to get to know the ins and outs of their businesses and subsequently curate customized strategies that align with their goals. This people-centric approach allows us to provide effective SEO services under your brand while providing lasting satisfaction and success for both you and your clients. 

On Page SEO

On-Page Activities are an important part of SEO process. Savit Interactive’s White Label SEO Services focus on perfecting every detail of your clients’ websites, ensuring captivating online presence.  

Off Page SEO

Off-Page Activities are just as significant as On-Page Optimization. This method helps in demonstrating the relevance your business within the broader online community. Apart from this, you also appear more credible and trustworthy in the eyes of search engines, consequently leading to higher visibility in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

SEO Content Writing

In addition to a well-crafted SEO strategy, the effectiveness of your efforts relies on expertly written content. Savit Interactive achieves this by developing relevant, high-quality, and keyword-optimized content. This content not only captivates the audience but also boosts search engine visibility and rankings, ensuring maximum results. These are the following benefits:

We Provide Project Management and
Reporting Support

Our proficient project managers keep you informed at every stage and effectively communicate about the nature of your SEO campaign. We adapt our assistance to align with your brand and operational preferences. With our white label SEO support, you can effortlessly oversee and coordinate your client’s projects, leaving the details to us as we strive to offer clarity on the influence of your SEO objectives. 

Frequent Meetings that Offers Effective
Reviewing of Ongoing Campaigns


Savit Interactive can really make a difference in your pitching efforts by helping you expand your business development process. Wondering how? Allow us to elaborate on how we can assist you: 

Centralized White Label Local SEO Services
at Savit Interactive

For local businesses operating in single or multi-location, our SEO executives possess an in-depth understanding of the process. They’ve got the whole process down pat, making sure you get the results you’re aiming for in the specific service area you want to focus on. We’re on top of key tasks like adding local citations from a branding angle and setting up local business schema from a technical standpoint. These strategic actions are designed to attract traffic from individuals in the targeted location who are seeking the services offered by your clients’ businesses. 

Instead of relying on subcontractors and freelancers, who may struggle with overwhelming workloads and fail to prioritize your projects, choosing a white label SEO reseller, like us, can bring substantial benefits in terms of work ethics. Our SEO experts are full-time employees, which means we have the commitment and resources to fully concentrate on your valued projects. This dedication translates into exceptional results improving your image and credibility in front of your clients. Ultimately, this can lead to improved business development and increased client retention as we strive to deliver outstanding outcomes for your brand. 

When you bring Savit Interactive on board, you enjoy the perks of our centralized approach where you have better control over the quality of work. By maintaining clear communication through a single point of contact, like our project managers, and receiving continuous assistance, you have the opportunity to shape the direction of your clients’ projects. This workflow only leads to superior results but also provides an excellent experience for your clients.

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    What is white label SEO?
    White label SEO is when one company buys its SEO services from another company and rebrands it as their own. 
    What are the benefits of white label SEO?
    The main benefit is that you’re free to do what you to best – manage your clients and grow relationships with them. Without the stress of producing reports or posting content across multiple networks, you’ll have more time for other aspects of your business. 
    White Label Backlinks are high-quality, contextually relevant links that are created by one entity and sold to another for SEO purposes. They offer immense value to businesses, SEO agencies, and marketers seeking to enhance their online presence and drive organic traffic. 

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